Welcome to Cottenham and Rampton

             Lunch and Social Club

Cottenham & Rampton Lunch and Social Club is a charity run by volunteers.

It is held every Tuesday at Coolidge Gardens Community Room.

Membership is offered to local people of pensionable age, who would like the opportunity to enjoy a freshly cooked two-course lunch while in the company of fellow members and engage in social interaction and activities.

Members are welcomed with tea, coffee, and biscuits while they chat, and they organise their own activities.

Volunteers cook a fresh two-course meal, served at midday, followed by a drink of tea or coffee before they leave.

Our minibus provides transport for any member and is fitted with a hydraulic tail lift to accommodate wheelchairs, and for people who have difficulty with climbing steps.

Previously Cottenham Day Centre

We changed our name in 2022 to more appropriately reflect the charity, having previously been named Cottenham Day Centre since 1986.